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Create Health + Wealth With Angelica

Business + Health Coach - Empowering Health and Soul Led Female Coaches to Close Their First High Ticket Client Without Burnout

I am Angelica Alen - Author, Public Speaker, Business & Health Coach. As a Stage 3 Bowel Cancer thriver, I started my business to help others with their health. After building a six-figure health coaching business from scratch, I decided to empower female coaches in launching their first high-ticket offer, as many of my clients' biggest desires were to help others. As a business and health coach, I empower female coaches to launch an online business without burnout. Leveraging my unique approach and extensive experience, I utilize NLP, habit science, and energetic alignment to enable my clients to confidently secure their first high-ticket client.


My book will take you on a self reflective journey helping you to understand how we create dis-ease and disharmony in our bodies and mind and how we can create health & balance.

It is sold through Amazon all over the world. Please check it on your country.


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Coaching Services

Business & Health Coaching - One-on-One coaching 
My coaching services are designed to provide personalised support to female coaches who want to launch a hight ticket offer without burnout.
With a focus on empowering my clients to create a life with purpose whilst making money, I aim to help them thrive and succeed without compromising their well-being.
I utilize a variety of tools to help my clients embodied the healthier and wealthier version of themselves.
For me it is all about body-mind-soul connection, guiding my clients to transcend to the person who they dream to be.
I completed a Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences and I apply quantum physics to all of my teachings.
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Get in Touch

Reach out to me via email for any collaborations and public speaking opportunities. 

Thank You!

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