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Get Out Of Autopilot Mode and Fulfill your Purpose In Life

Did you know that 95% of what you do, think and feel is the same as yesterday?

It is crazy to think that we see ourselves as super conscious yet most of the time we are on automatic pilot.

What would your automatic pilot say if it had a voice?

"I wake up full of energy

Happy and excited for the day

I am love what I do as I am creating a life that is in alignment with my purpose.

Oh and by the way my relationships are loving and I feel supported by my loved ones."

You see this ain't a dream.

This is possible for you!

But if you are dreading your day when you get up.

Something has to change and complaining quite frankly is not going to do it.

Saying that you are going to eat healthily tomorrow, exercise and quit that toxic relationship tomorrow

it is not going to do it either because you probably have been saying that to yourself for years now.

This is how you change your life

1 - You kick your ego out of the door and say "no more"

"You are no longer ruling my life"

2 - You are honest with yourself about things that are not working for you and the things that you haven't been able to figure out on your own.

Ouch! Yes, that hurts especially the ego; but remember you kicked the ego out of the door and the ego no longer rules your life.

3 - You take action NOW, not tomorrow or the day after or when you buy new shoes or after your birthday.

You take action from where you are at.

You stop the excuses and just do it.

Most people are waiting for some magic thing to come and take all their problems away while they keep practicing 95% of the same actions, thoughts and feelings every single day.

But you are different because you signed up to my newsletter and you know I am not here to tell you to believe in magic.

I am here to tell you to believe in you.

To believe in yourself.

Now go and do it!

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