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Plan for the Next 6 Months, Not for the Rest of Your Life

We are half way through 2024, how you are going to tackle the rest of this year is everything.

We tend to underestimate what we can do in a short period of time.

When I look back at the last 6 years, this is what I have been able to accomplish 1 year at time.

✨I had an emergency surgery to remove a third of my colon, 12 sessions of chemo and a partial hysterectomy in 1 year (back in 2018)

✨I also built the healthiest body I have ever had in that year during chemo.

✨I left my corporate job and started a business from scratch signing up my first high ticket clients (back in 2020)

✨I grew up my business to 6 figures in the year 2021

✨I travelled around Australia in a caravan with my family while running my business and building our brand new home in the year 2022.

✨I wrote and published my book in 8 months actually (last year in 2023)

We can accomplish so much in a short period of time if we focus on what we want.

And if we follow a plan instead of counting on luck.

People achieve success by taking steps towards what they want.

Stop focusing on what you don’t want.

I became laser focused on creating life on my terms after cancer.

It has been 6 years and part of me feels I have accomplished more in the last 6 years than in the 38 years previous to that.

Because I stop getting distracted with things that were not in alignment with my goals.

But mostly I stopped living unconsciously - I started taking inspired action daily.

Don’t let a bad day define what you can accomplished for the rest of the year.

We are half way through this year.

You still have 6 months left. Don't waste it.

Open yourself up for unlimited possibilities

And allow the opportunities to pour in.

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